Sunday, June 7, 2009

Century Bank Summer Concert Series - The O'Kaysions

Last night, the Century Bank Summer Concert Series kicked off downtown. Saunders's bank is the premier sponsor of the series, so we went to the depot early for some hors d'oeuvres, and then we got to enjoy the band playing. The band for this month's show (they'll be shows in July, August, and September as well) was the O'Kaysions ... everyone knows their big hit I'm a Girl Watcher.

We sat with the McWhorters, and Katie Anne and Lily had an amazing time dancing to the music! Those girls have got some sweet dance moves... I think they could enter So You Think You Can Dance. They jumped, rocked, twirled, wiggled their shoulders, shook their little booties, and I think I even saw both of them throw in a few jazz hand shakes. The cutest parts were when they held hands and danced the twist! They had a great time together and even held each other's hands (and not their mommas... already too old for us) when we walked back to our seats from our potty break.

The girls were definitely rocking it out more than the boys last night... Bear showed off a few white boy head bobs and double fist pumps, but that was the extent of his shaking it. He was more content to sit in Vanessa's lap and take in the music. Katie Anne met Ben Caswell for the first time when he and Jill, his mom, walked by our seats. (Ben's dad David is the bank's president, and Jill, David's wife, is a friend of mine - we taught fourth grade together for several years.) Ben, who is a month older than her, was completely overwhelmed by Katie Anne... she ran up to him, said "Hi, Ben!", tried to hug him and rub his back, and then showed off her moves. She literally backed it up on him! He didn't know what to think about such a forward young woman! It was so funny! Here's a video of her breaking it down.

Katie Anne danced until she absolutely passed out at 8:00. Everyone sitting around us kept saying that they knew she got her dance moves from her momma. ;) You know that's right! Here are some pictures of the fun.

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cindy glawson said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I don't know about that wild girl putting the moves on poor Baby Ben. Funny!