Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny, Funny, Funny

I'm way behind on my scrapbooking, so I'm using the blog as a sort of short-cut documenting tool to remember things until I get around to scrapping them. Here are some funny recent Katie Anne stories...

Funny story #1: A few weeks ago, when we were eating dinner, Katie Anne was ready to be excused from the table. She wanted to go play a game that had mistakenly come up in conversation the minute we sat down, and she just couldn't get the idea out of her head. She hadn't eaten any of her food, so we told her she could get down if she ate a bite or two of each thing on her plate. She she, "I not want a bite of all these fings (aka things)." So, we offered her the option of eating all of one thing on her plate (she had peas, corn, and Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff). She said, "Okay, I eat my corn." So, Saunders and I started to clear the table, and I noticed her clearing out the "corn section" of her plate. She was busily stuffing the corn into the Hamburger Helper and under the peas with her spoon. I drew Saunders's attention to it, and he started cracking up. We could not believe that she had the thought of being so covert all on her own at barely two years old, and I thought surely she did not know what she was doing... wrong!

Suddenly, she called out, "I eat all my corn! Mmmm... all gone! It in my tummy!"
I replied, "Really? You ate it all?"
She answers, "Yep. It in my tummy! (rubs her tummy) It was soooo good!"
I said, "Well then, what's that?" (pointing to the corn in the Hamburger Helper)
Katie Anne says, incredulously, "Mommy, that not corn - that beef!"
I said, "What about this one?" (pointing to the corn in the peas)
Katie Anne answers, "Mommy, that not corn - that peas!"

By this point, Saunders is busting out laughing and trying to hide it behind his hand... I told him, "I don't think we should laugh at what is actually a lie," even though it was totally hilarious.

So, I asked her, "Katie Anne, did you really eat your corn? Is that the truth or a lie?"
She answered so honestly, "That is a lie. I push my corn in there. I not really eat it."

Old enough to know better, but still too young to care ...

Funny Story #2: Yesterday, on the way to our free movie showing of Horton Hears a Who (she was entranced by the little unidentified yellow animal character named Katie, by the way), Katie Anne was eating raisins. All of a sudden, she calls out from the back seat, "Oh no, Mommy! I stick raisin in my nose!" Her face looked totally shocked.

I shrieked, "What?! You did what?!" and immediately pull the car over into the nearest gas station, jump out, and run around to her side to try and get the raisin out before it turns into an emergency room visit.

When I opened her door, she was busting out laughing. She said, "Mommy, I just jokin' wif you! I not really put raisins in my nose!" And she made her little close-eyed, crinkly nosed yuck face.

The humor of a two-year-old!

Funny Story #3: More of a quote really... tonight at dinner, when we were ordering, she looks right at the waitress and says, "Excuse me, I has a question."

The waitress says, "Um, okay."

I say to Katie Anne, "What kind of question?"

She answers with a very serious expression on her face, "A baby question." Then, she busts out laughing like that's the funniest gag ever pulled on a server!

Crazy little person!

Funny Story #4: This actually happened earlier this week, but I'm putting it last because it just goes to show what she thinks about herself. Let's just say she fully believes in her momma's favorite line in college after a few too many beverages: "I love myself!"

While we were walking around the block with the dogs one evening after dinner, Katie Anne said, "I so funny. I make people laugh."

I asked her, "What do you do to make people laugh?"

She answered, "I tell great jokes."

I could tell many funny stories of things she says and does daily, but I just want to make sure these are some I don't forget!


The Rayburns said...

Oh goodness, I was laughing out loud at #2!!!

Carrie Beth said...

She's a hoot...just like her mommy!

cindy glawson said...

funniest kid in the world!!

Vanessa said...

I love this kid!!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

you need to write a book about her!