Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a super-great twenty-eight!
I had a very busy but also very fun day.
Here's the events of my 28th birthday,
summarized in a series of photos!

First, Katie Anne and I went to breakfast with my Dad...

Thanks for inviting me along on "Breakfast with Granddad" time!

Then, it was off to the day spa for pampering. See the post below for my review...

Next, it was errands... Cartersville WalMart for vacation supplies. Boo, I hate our WalMart. But, vacation planning must go on!

Errands... Next it was Payless, because some little woman has outgrown yet another pair of sandals. Toddler size 8, here we come!

Errands... Off to Belk to pick up a white shirt for our beach photo shoot, and maybe a few other clearance items! Hey, it is my birthday... and I got a great dress for $7.98, formerly $72!

Then I got a haircut, which I didn't get a great picture of at the time because I was by myself (and because it was just Great Clips, and they don't really fix it), but you can see it in the pictures below. I really just wanted about 2 inches cut off (which I got), but the lady wanted to put in some layers by my face, so I said go for it. It is just hair, after all. It looks pretty good, but I have to get used to how to style it. I haven't had long bangs in quite a while, and they're kind of getting in my face a little bit.

Then it was off to pick Katie Anne up at daycare, go home and get ready, and head out to eat with Saunders and Katie Anne!

We went to Hearth and Harvest for a delicious dinner. Saunders had the chicken pasta, I had chicken breast with mashed potatoes (and I've got a great pile of leftovers in the fridge for lunch), and we split a fried ravioli appetizer.

Katie Anne grubbed down some fried chicken fingers and mac-n-cheese!

Opening my card...

Big chocolate bar!

We love to do the "surprise face" when we're opening presents!

Checking out my new Troll beads!

Katie Anne is fascinated by them...

I love my bracelet! Happy 28th Birthday to Me!


cindy glawson said...

I love the pictures! Beautiful in red.

Carrie Beth said...

Happy Birthday!!!