Monday, June 15, 2009

A Jolly Play Day

Yesterday, we had a Jolly Play Day! Erin, Jason, and Ella came up to visit and spent the day with us. The girls had a great time playing outside, taking care of baby dolls, cooking things in the kitchen, and having tea parties in the playroom. Then, when they took a super-long nap, the adults played, too - we had a blast playing Rockband, Cranium (Erin and I kicked Saunders and Jason's tails) and the boys played Wii Sports! It was so great to catch up with the Jolly family and let the girls get some play time together. We should do this more often!

Here are some pictures of the family fun day...

Katie Anne has talked and talked about the Jollys all day ... she keeps saying, "This Ella's spot," and points to the ground/chair beside her. She can't wait for Thursday, when we're going to hit one of Ella's favorite museums with Erin and Ella.

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