Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My House and Boat Remodel

Last week, I remodeled a house, repainted a boat, and refinished a crib. Wow- how did I get all that work done in just one week!?!

Well, because it was a Little Tykes playhouse, a Step 2 sandbox boat, and an antique wooden doll crib!

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My mom had gotten the playhouse and boat for free! I bought the doll crib for $5 at our great yard sale hunt a few weeks ago. So, I had a grand total of $5 invested in all three of these pieces. They were all in great shape and could've (and have) worked fine as they were, but I thought it would be fun to paint the boat and house to match our house/yard. I've always wanted to try the Krylon spray paint that I'd seen advertised for a few years. And, I always had this dream as a kid of having a playhouse in the backyard that matched my parents' house. Then, I wanted to freshen up the doll crib and brighten it up before I started sewing the bedding.

So, I spent almost every day during KA's naptime last week (I took Thursday off due to a pouring rain storm) outside cleaning, painting, taping off, and painting some more! It was a lot harder work than I expected (taping around all those little things, like the faucet and stove knobs, was a real pain), but of course I also did some things (like the stainless steel appliances and sink) that I didn't technically have to do. Also, it took a lot more spray paint than I estimated. I guess that dry plastic - especially the boat - really soaks it up, because I had to make two return trips to Home Depot to restock! The bottom of the boat took 3 cans of dark brown satin Krylon all by itself!

By Friday's nap time, it was all done, and I think it looks great! Of course, Katie Anne barely noticed the difference as she was cooking up a storm and serving it out the window like it was a drive-thru, and she'll probably color all over the walls with markers herself one day. But, I did get to try the cool Krylon paint, I got a lot of sun while I was working, the pieces look awesome in the backyard, and I got to live my dream of a customized, matching playhouse in my own backyard!


Jillian said...

looks way better! I had no idea you could paint that stuff!

cindy glawson said...

This looks great, completely different! I guess if folks knew it could be painted and look this good they would not have given it away. :)

SGiles said...

Wow!!! They look great!! Hannah got a hand-me-down playhouse you've got my wheels turning!!!

Vanessa said...

Great job! They didn't look bad to begin with, but wow what an improvement!