Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day Crafting!

Katie Anne and I thought up two projects for Father's Day. First, Katie Anne painted pictures for her grandfathers...

When I tried to get a picture of her with her finished artwork, I got all this silliness! What a nut!

Then, it was time to make our other project... personalized coffee mugs for the dad, granddads, and great-granddads! We ordered these from Oriental Trading, and you could decorate the insert inside the cup. First, we went to Hobby Lobby, where Katie Anne picked out stickers for each guy based on his likes or hobbies.

Then, she decorated them. First, she colored each insert. Here she is coloring her Daddy's.

Then, she put on the stickers. She chose golf stickers for Saunders.
Granddad got a tool themed cup. Even though he doesn't like coffee, he can take some other drink-to-go in his!
Doc got a music themed cup, complete with a shiny gold saxophone!

Papaw, or Pepaw as Katie Anne has named him, got a baseball design on his cup.
For Randy, Katie Anne went with a "King of the Grill" motif since he loves to grill out for the family.

Here's our finished projects... she was SO excited about them that she gave away the surprise several times!

And of course, Mommy needed one too, right? We had to do something with that sixth cup! ;) I desperately wanted the pink paisley stickers for my cup, and I tried to influence Katie Anne to choose them, but she insisted on getting me the artist/crafty stickers. I guess she knows her Mommy too well!

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Anjie said...

She did an awesome job on all the crafts!! Miranda can't seem to keep the paint colors separated. She must mix them all to make brown. lol I'm glad everyone had a great Father's Day!