Sunday, June 21, 2009


This morning, while my dad, Saunders, and Carlton went to play golf, my mom and I took Katie Anne out to a sunflower field to make pictures. My mom took a lot of pictures... here's a Smilebox Slideshow of some of our favorites.

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It was a little more rough and tumble than I'd anticipated... I had a vision in my head of Katie Anne running barefoot through a grassy field of sunflowers and butterflies, but it was more of a dirt field with ants and bees. We still got some sweet shots, though!


cindy glawson said...

Cute pictures. The model was so easy to work with. :)

Kelly said...

Love it. I have a friend who took her two kids to a field of poppies growing by the interstate. You really can't go wrong with a field of flowers! We actually have several sunflower fields around here - maybe we'll try it. Sadly, no poppy fields in our area.

Trisha said...

These pictures turned out so great! I love the one of there standing on the fence smiling at the camera. When our frames are unpacked, it's time for an update, I think!