Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweet Dreams & Nightmares

We've officially entered the land of dreams and nightmares at our house. Katie Anne is now having very vivid dreams, some of which wake her up, and others that she remembers and talks about the next day.

Her first true nightmare happened about two weeks ago, in the wee hours of Sunday, May 24. I awoke to her screaming and screaming - I'd never heard her scream like that before! I ran in her room as fast as I could! (Saunders was at a friend's house hanging out - Martin was back in town for the weekend.) She was standing in her bed, stomping and screaming... she started yelling, "Mommy, get the bees out of my bed! Get the bees out of my bed!" It took me cutting on all the lights and taking all the blankets and stuffed animals out of her bed to show her that there weren't bees there. I think this nightmare came from the experience we had while loading the car for the Renaissance Festival... she studied a dead carpenter bee on the driveway, plus Mommy got a little freaked out by a live bee while we were getting in the car seat.

The other two dreams she's talked about haven't been that traumatic. One morning, I went in to wake her up this week, and she said, "Mommy, you see all those pink crabs in my bed?" She was all curled up in one corner of the bed and thought the crabs were at the other end.

She also had a bad dream about owls in her closet, I guess. I was putting her down for a nap this week, and she said in a whisper, "Mommy, shut my closet door. That owl get me." I asked her to show me the owl, and she thought it was on the top shelf of her closet. There's a black wire basket up there with craft supplies in it, and there were two foam white balls in there. She thought those were the owl's eyes, and I guess by the light of a night light, they would look like it! I got the balls out and let her see them, but she still likes her closet door shut when she lays down now.

pink moon Pictures, Images and Photos
She had a good dream about a pink moon, though. She told me one morning last weekend that she'd looked at a pink moon with Abby and Ginger. The next morning, when she was barely awake, she said, "See that pink moon, Mommy? Gigi and Granddad and me and Doc and VJ go outside and see that one." We'd seen both set of grandparents the day before, and she was dreaming about watching the moon with them. Such a sweet dreamer!


cindy glawson said...

Awwww So sweet about the pink moon.

Trisha said...

ah, to live in katie anne's world where everything is pink. i love it!

i think she gets the bee fear from you!

and, how scary to be all scooted up in the corner, away from the pink crabs!

owls... maybe you should show here the owl from winnie the pooh, and how friendly and smart he was. owls are good! maybe the owl is making sure she only has good dreams....

Trisha said...

also, thanks for the yard sale note!

i got a new sewing machine, so the previous one (which was just fine, i just didn't like it for some unknown reason) is being sold.

as for the drafting table, well... carlton told me that when we have room for one, i can get a true, nice, good quality drafting/crafting table. so i'm putting all hope that we have the room soon!

where in florida are you going? we would LOVE to see y'all down in moultrie!!! sounds like it could be lots of fun, although our 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment might not suffice, unless we still have either the mattress or sleeper sofa then. otherwise, carlton raved about the hotel he stayed in while interviewing! either way, we'd love to have you over and see y'all!