Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cinnamon Toast

Today, I made Katie Anne one of my ultimate favorite childhood breakfasts... cinnamon toast! I love love love cinnamon toast. I love it so much that I can lose control and gain about 900 pounds off cinnamon toast alone. So, I don't trust myself around it too often. In fact, I try not to even think about it as a breakfast option. But, we were out of cheese today, and I was trying to think up an alternative to Katie Anne's favorite cheese toast.

I have to admit, I have it down to a science. Trust me - it is from calories and calories worth of practice. Want the secret recipe? Melt butter in the microwave, then brush it on the bread with a pastry brush. Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon and sugar, then spray a few squirts of the low calorie butter spray (hey, every little bit of calorie saving helps) to provide the final sticking power to your sprinkly toppings. Make sure the oven is set for low broil, and then toast for just a few minutes. The bottom should be soft and kind of steamy, while the top is carmelized... almost like a little cinnamon toast brulee. It is heavenly! Serve it without crust, but with a big glass of cold mix, for the ultimate treat.

I used to make cinnamon toast a lot in the mornings for Greg and I when we started staying home alone in the summer. I don't make it very often any more because I can literally eat 5 or 6 pieces before I get control of myself! Katie Anne doubted my expertise at first- I had to prove the beauty of the cinnamon toast to her. But, once she had one bite, she was hooked! This morning, Katie Anne and I both had two pieces each. So yum!

"Mom, are you sure about this?"

She gives it a little tiny try...

"Oh, yes! It is so good! Remind me to never doubt my mother again!" (Not an exact quote, but I think that's what she's thinking here.)

She's a member of the "clean plate club"! Bottoms up!


Trisha said...

Kristen and I made this ALL.THE.TIME!
We wouldn't even spend the time to melt the butter and brush it on... soft butter straight onto the toast and into the toaster oven it went, with the cinnamon sugar on top! Aren't the results delightful? I can't allow myself to make it ever, either, because it is a definite weakness of mine. I commend you on only eating two slices!

The Dillards said...

My grandma always cinnamon toast for us when we spent the night with her and Pa. It is a tradition. No one makes it quite as well as her in my mind but it sounds like you came pretty close.