Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas at Grandmama's

After we left Jillian's graduation party, we headed to Atlanta for Grandmama's annual Christmas party!  Usually, driving through the live nativity at Grandmama's church is one of the highlights of her party, but unfortunately the snowy weather forced the church to cancel the nativity this year.  Katie Anne was very disappointed that "The Jesus Show" wasn't going to happen!  We still had a fun time celebrating with Grandmama and VJ's side of the family.  Grandmama made a delicious "breakfast for dinner" with ham, grits, biscuits, and more!  Grandmama had lots of crafts for the kids to do, and Katie Anne loved doing those as well.  It was a great Carlton family Christmas party!
 Doc, VJ, and SJ
 Little Mr. Christmas!
 Katie Anne and Grandmama love making crafts!
 Katie Anne took her role as a reindeer very seriously... here she is "in character"!
 Playing the part of the snowman was a lot easier!
 Time for dinner!
 Justin and Hannah

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cindy glawson said...

Great photos! I love the one of Doc, VJ and Baby SJ. That was a fun party!