Friday, December 31, 2010

SJ's Portraits

Today, we took SJ for his first portraits in a studio.  These were supposed to be done a few weeks ago just before he turned four months old, so they were technically going to be his three month portraits.  But, because he's been so sick, I kept pushing them back and pushing them back, waiting on him to feel better.  So, they were really done when he was four months old, but who's counting?!?

It was actually a lucky thing that we had to wait for picture taking, because he got to wear his brand new vest that he got as a Christmas present!  Aunt Trisha knitted this wonderful brown and blue vest for him herself, and he looked quite dashing in it!
 So cute and so grown up!


Trisha Jones said...

My heart just melted, melted, and melted again. What a handsome little man. Hooray for cozy sweater vests! I had so much fun making it, and because it was such a small project it was finished relatively quickly. What's not to love about that? Thanks for giving so much credit, it's made the whole thing more than worth the little bit of work it took. Thanks for such a compliment as having his picture taken in it! Love love love.

Jason, Erin, Ella, and Colin said...

His outfit is precious, and I love that Trisha knitted it:)

cindy glawson said...

When am I going to get this picture????