Saturday, December 4, 2010

SJ Firsts: The Highchair and Baby Food!

After the craft party, SJ decided to act like a great big grown-up boy and tackle two milestones in one day!  First, my mom helped me install his highchair before the party started, and he sat in it like he'd been doing it all along!

Then, after the party, he thought he'd try his first bites of baby food and rice cereal!  
At first, he seemed a little unsure about the idea...
 "I'm about to eat what?"
Then, he tasted that first yummy bite of rice cereal and applesauce...
He thought about it in the usual serious SJ fashion...
and he decided that he did like it after all!
Of course, big sister Katie Anne loved helping him:

It hasn't even been 4 months since he was born, and he's growing up so fast!

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Kelly said...

What a butterchunk! I love his little facial expressions.