Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jillian's Graduation from KSU

Last night, Jillian graduated from Kennesaw State University!  We were very excited that we got to go and see Jillian get her Early Childhood Education diploma from KSU.  After work, Katie Anne and I hustled to get ready while Dad hustled to get home to stay with SJ so we could go.  We rode with my parents and got to KSU just in time for the ceremony to start!

Here goes Jillian across the stage to get her diploma!

Katie Anne was so excited about going to graduation, but I didn't know how she would handle it.  I was worried for nothing, though.  I brought her a bag of goodies to entertain her, and she did so well during the graduation ceremony!  It was about two hours long, and Katie Anne read books, colored in her Color Wonder books, played with her doll, and listened to all the names being called out as graduates walked across the stage.
 (That's "Laura Carold" - Katie Anne's new doll that was knitted by Aunt Trisha!)

I took Katie Anne for a potty break during the ceremony, and there was a big place in the corner of the auditorium where no one could see her.  So, I told her she could get her wiggles out ... she busted out some major dance moves!

After graduation, we got swept along in the mad rush of people and went outside the auditorium.  It was freezing, but we managed to snap a few pictures with Jillian before she left with her family!

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cindy glawson said...

It was awesome to see another one of the kids graduate! I am so glad Katie Anne got to see how important this was. Her dance moves are the best!!