Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Bear!

Today, we celebrated Bear's third birthday!  Bear's favorite movie - by far - is Cars, so he had a Cars themed birthday celebration.  Vanessa had planned a party at their neighborhood park, but the unseasonably chilly temperatures moved the party inside.  That was no problem for the kiddos - they loved playing with all Lily and Bear's great toys!  Bear had gotten a giant Cars tent, so the kids spent a lot of time going in and out of it, and it fit the theme perfectly.  Katie Anne had a blast playing with Lily, Emma, Brodie, Bear, and all the other kids at the party.  We left little SJ with Gigi and Granddad - he was exhausted after our breakfast with Santa and needed a good nap.  
It is very hard to believe that Bear is turning three.  It seems like he should just be one - time has just flown since he was born!  Bear had a great time at his party.  Here he is - getting ready to blow out his candle!
 Katie Anne cannot get enough of Lily's play vanity!  She runs straight to it for a few minutes of dress-up playing every time we go to the McWhorter's house.
 Katie Anne "dressed like a teenager" (her words!) for Bear's party.
 All the little guests waiting patiently for singing and cake!
 Katie Anne and Lily enjoying the delicious cake!
Bear opening our present - we got him a big firetruck puzzle and a paint-your-own racecar.  


cindy glawson said...

Sadly, she really did look like a teenager. So grown up so soon. It looks like a great party!

Vanessa said...

Great pics - I still can't quite believe how old are babies are getting!