Saturday, December 25, 2010

Glawson Family Christmas

Later in the afternoon on Christmas Day, we headed over to my parents' house for our Glawson Family Christmas celebration.  Luckily, both kids were feeling much better by the time we left the house!  Normally, we have Christmas dinner at my parents' house and open gifts in the evening.  It was snowing pretty heavily by the afternoon, so Greg and Jillian were nervous about making it back to Acworth after dark.  So, we pushed our celebration up a little bit.  We had a late lunch/early dinner around 3:30 instead.  My mom made chili and potato soup, her fabulous sausage balls, and had a make-you-own-sandwich bar with lots of different rolls and breads, meats, cheeses, and toppings.  She also had lots of snacks set out for munching and a dump cake with ice cream for dessert!  It was very delicious, and we all enjoyed a big meal together.  

Santa Baby!
 Ho ho ho!  Merry First Christmas!
Christmas Cutie:

Then, we moved into the living room to open gifts.  Everyone got so many great presents!  It was an absolute smorgasbord of gift opening goodness!  We got my mom a Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, a radio for her mail truck, and a platter that matches her original china.  We got my dad a camo hoodie sweatshirt that he'd asked for and a caplight to use when he's working.  For Greg, we got him some special hammock straps to go along with his theme this Christmas - he wanted all camping stuff.  We got Jillian a new pair of Crocs dress shoes and the Jenga game she wanted.  Katie Anne got lots of awesome stuff, including clothes, puzzles, games, dolls, magnetic princess dress-ups, movies, and more - but her favorite thing was the Melissa and Doug puppet show and 4 puppets from Gigi and Granddad.  She put on a great puppet show for everyone after we opened all our gifts!  SJ got lots of clothes and toys, too - he got teethers, blocks, and several stuffed animals.  It's hard to tell what was his favorite, but it seems to be a knitted bear doll that Gigi and Granddad got him.  He loves to hug it!  Saunders got a new gun belt, clothes, black socks, golf balls, and lots of other goodies, but his favorite gift by far was his Scottevest, which is a special travel vest with tons of pockets that he'd asked for.  I got lots of great stuff, too - clothes, a monogrammed market tote, lots of new shoes, but my favorite thing was the new faucet that I really wanted for the guest bathroom at our house.  
 Saunders surrounded by his presents:
 Me and my Christmas babies:
 Gigi and her new cookbook:
My dad opening his presents:
 Katie Anne opening her puppets:
 She loves them!
 Greg and his firestarter - a dangerous combination!
 Jillian with her game:

 I love these Winter Flat Crocs!
 SJ was obsessed with this clock, which was actually a gift of KA's!
 My mom with her dueling platters - we got her one, and so did Greg and Jillian!
 Two happy boys!
 Looking spiffy in her new jacket:
 Granddad in his new hoodie from us:
 Candy cane girl!

After the gift opening, we took a few more pictures outside in the snow.  It was really coming down heavily!  It was so neat to get to enjoy a real White Christmas - we certainly don't see that very often around here! 


After that, Greg and Jillian headed back to Acworth, and we stayed at Gigi and Granddad's house to play with our new stuff a little bit longer.  It was an awesome white Christmas Day and a great family party!

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