Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adept with Cutlery!

Katie Anne is growing up so much this summer that I just can't believe it. During the beginning of the summer, she really started using her fork well. Her first true fork success day was June 11. Now, she eats with a fork at almost every meal. She loves to stab things with her little fork... including Abby and Ginger if we're not careful! This is a picture from earlier in the summer when she'd just started using her fork.

I've started letting her try a spoon a little bit, but she hasn't been doing much with it other than holding it for a few weeks. A few days ago, she started putting things (like peas) on the spoon with her fingers, then putting the spoon in her mouth. Sometimes the pea made it into her mouth, sometimes not. Well, yesterday I tried letting her feed herself applesauce, and she did an okay job. She got about 50% of the applesauce down the gullet... the rest was either on her tray, on her bib, or on the floor. One glop even busted Ginger on top of the head! This shot is KA eating her applesauce yesterday. This is from the beginning of our applesauce adventure, so there's little mess in the photo.

Normally, I feed her yogurt at breakfast while she eats her waffles or cereal or banana by herself. This morning, she wouldn't take more than a bite or two from me... she insisted on doing it all. She held the yogurt container in one hand and the spoon in the other, and she actually did a very nice job of feeding herself. She ate the entire container of yogurt! Other than one big spill down the front of her bib, she got almost all of it in her mouth. She was so proud of herself! I am amazed at how quickly she's doing all these "big girl" things. In just 6 weeks, she's gone from eating only with her fingers to feeding herself with a fork and spoon.

Here are some more pictures of our yogurt extravaganza this morning. Notice the bedhead... it was early!

The last one... "All Done!"


Cindy said...

She is a funny girl but you are right about how fast she has grown up this summer!! Every time I see her she has a new trick to show me.

Cara said...

What a big girl! I hope that she continues to enjoy using her cutlery. Avery now tells me, "Feed me like a baby!"