Friday, July 4, 2008

Everybody hit the Beach!

On Thursday morning, we headed down for what's possibly our last beach excursion for this trip. (Well, Jillian will probably go and bake one more time, but I think the rest of us are crispy enough.) Pat and Trip arrived late Wednesday night, and we all got up and headed to the ocean.

We made drip sandcastles down near the shoreline, bodysurfed the big waves, and Granddad flew his kite. Daddy and Momma dug a big whole right near the ocean, and Katie Anne loved stomping in it and splashing the water all around! Katie Anne went pretty far out in the ocean with Momma... probably up to an adult's waist. She loved it when the waves crashed on us!

We stayed out on the beach a long, long time... probably about 3 hours. Katie Anne did great and enjoyed herself the whole time. She ate lots of sandy Cheerios!

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Jillian said...

OOOOMG take that pic off!!!!! PLEEEEAAAASE!!!! the on in the bathing suit