Friday, July 4, 2008

Medieval Times!

On Thursday night, we all went for dinner at Medieval Times. We had a great time, eating chicken and ribs with our hands and cheering for the Red Knight. Unfortunately, the Red Knight was killed early, so we really didn't have a dog in the fight. Katie Anne did really well... out of the two hours we were there, she only had about a ten minute period of unhappiness, and she only wanted Momma to hold her, so that was a challenge. She wore her crown about half the night, which really surprised us since she hates hats. She loved the knight show... she cheered, screamed, and clapped her hands. I think she just loved it that she could scream and scream in a "restaurant" and not get in trouble!

Jillian shows off her commemorative cup...

Katie Anne says, "No more pictures!"

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