Monday, July 14, 2008

Sand & Water

Now that Katie Anne is more steady on her feet, I thought we'd try the sand and water table again. Gigi and Granddad gave it to Katie Anne for her birthday, but when we tried it at the beginning of the summer, she still was too wobbly to really be able to play. She LOVES going outside... she lays on the floor by the door when the dogs go out and cries to go out with them! So, I thought getting out early this morning to play in the sand and water would be a good idea.

I learned a few lessons from today's adventure.
1) She loves the table, esp. the water side. She loves playing, splashing, and drinking the water! It is definitely time for some more outdoor toys... we had a great time hanging out this morning. We stayed out there for an hour and a half!
2) The 50 lb bag of sand, while it looks small, is very heavy. It actually does weigh 50 lbs- as the label so helpfully suggests.
3) That small bag of sand opens up to more than you think... so, I overfilled the table a little bit, and it was hard for her to move the sand around. I'll dump some of it out this afternoon when it is dry.
4) Do not sit too close to the sand and water table with your People magazine. It will get soaked by a splashy, sand- throwing baby.
5) Everyone around the table should be wearing shoes that can be rinsed off.

I am anxiously waiting for Katie Anne to wake up from her nap so we can go back out and try it again!


Jillian said...

Shoot, I want one!

Staceybby said...

She looks like she is having a blast! I don't know how to insert more than one picture and have the words fill in around them like yours!

Anonymous said...

i like that sand table.