Friday, July 18, 2008

Go Outside? Go Outside?

Lately, Katie Anne has been obsessed with going outside. All morning, all afternoon, all evening... all she wants to do is go outside! She must get that from her Daddy, because I am NOT into outside. Bugs and dirt... eww!

Katie Anne and I do go outside every day- I don't want to force my fear of bugs on her and even I can get cabin fever in the house all day. But, as soon as we come in, she's back at the door... "Momma? Ot-sigh? Momma? Ot-sigh?... Ot-sigh, Momma?"

She gets so excited when Daddy comes home - "Ot-sigh, Daddy, ot-sigh?" They go out in the backyard and hit golf balls together almost every night after dinner ... until the mosquitoes come out to play with them!


Cindy said...

OH NO!!! This is so sad for a grandmother to see. She is so cute!

Carrie Beth said...

I think Handley and Katie Anne are on the same wave length. Handley doesn't say "go outside" but she stands at the door and tries to push it down to get out there.