Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby on the Move

Now that Katie Anne is walking with more confidence, we've run into a little issue during the day. If I'm doing something, like loading the dishwasher, starting a load of clothes, or checking my email, and I take my eye off her for even a few seconds, she is up and gone! She can move surprisingly fast on those toddler legs. In just a second, she'll be around behind the couches or into the kitchen by herself. So, it is all eyes on Katie Anne, all the time.

Also, she loves to walk, walk, walk... inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs. So, the angle of this video is one that I see a lot during the day... me following her around. Here's a video of one of her "escapes" from the living room this afternoon. You can hear her squeal maniacally as she passes by me!


Carrie Beth said...

That is SO Handley too. She loves to escape and go exploring. :-) I'm constantly following her around. Katie Anne and Handley will have fun together this weekend.

The Dillards said...

Whoa! She is so mobile. I am keeping Carter for the first time next Monday. Maybe I should be so glad that he is one month old and not over a year. :0) Katie Anne is so great. You have done a great job Katie.

the wyatts said...

you are too funny! It is amazing how much your life changes when they become mobile.