Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Making the Most of It!

Well, this week officially brings it to the end... the summer is over. On Monday, I've got to go back to work, and KA has to go back to daycare full time. I don't technically have to report for pre-planning until Friday, August 1, but I've got so much to do and so much to move into my new classroom that I'm taking the first part of the week to get set up. With making the change from fourth grade to first, I've got to completely reorganize and get it all ready.

Don't get me wrong... I am really excited about my job this year. New school, new grade level, new students, new bosses, new standards and curriculum... I am ready to see what first grade is all about. I've tutored a first grade student two days a week this summer, and I LOVE that age group. I got a call from one of my new teammates this week, and they were thoughtful enough to include me in on an order of back-to-school goodies for my kids. They all seem really nice, and it will be fun to meet new people. I hope my old fourth grade groupies will still invite me to their monthly dinners out so I can keep up with the goings-on at CES, too! All in all, I am pumped about what the new school year holds. But...

I have REALLY enjoyed this summer off. REALLY. If I could, I would love to stay home with Katie Anne and play all day. We've gone lots of places, done lots of things... I've loved having my little sidekick this summer. She's done so much this summer... walking, talking, tons of milestones. I will really miss Katie Anne when I'm at work this year. I know that I've got the optimal job for being a working mom. You really can't beat the schedule, and my hours are great. Plus, I know that the interaction with other kids is good for her at daycare... keeps me from spoiling her all the time! Sometimes I think I'm nuts- of course we'll have plenty of time in the evenings and weekends to hang out together, and we'll have Daddy off at those times to boot. But, I still dread Monday morning when I have to drop her off and know that I'm leaving her there for the next 190 weekdays.

We've made the most of it during our last week off. We've gone shopping, swam at Doc and VJ's pool, and played at the park. I got a massage and bought some back-to-school clothes. Tomorrow, we're hitting the library for our last Rockin' Baby Time, meeting Gigi for lunch, and then we're going to the doctor on Friday for a post-op checkup on KA's eye. We've packed the week full of fun, but I did make sure to be completely lazy on Tuesday- Katie Anne and I didn't even get dressed until 2:00, and we never left the house... we just played all day.

We've had an amazing summer together!

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The Millers: said...

KA is such a big girl! I love that you have so many pictures with her - she'll treasure them when she's our age. Also - Javi loved his first grade teacher and still talks about her. I hope he enjoys second grade as much. I'm sure you'll be wonderful at it!