Thursday, July 24, 2008

Playing at the Park on Monday

These pictures are from our trip to the park on Monday. Our week has been so packed that I hadn't had time to blog about that outing yet.

Katie Anne hasn't been to the park since we went on vacation, so it has been about 1 month. Before our trip, she could not climb up the jungle gym by herself, and she was too afraid to go down the slide. On Monday, she rushed right over to the play area and climbed right up! No Momma help needed! She played around on the play area, and she gave the slide quite a "serious look" several times...

But, she must've thought better of it, because she never attempted to go down. I asked her if she wanted me to help her, but she said, "Nah." After a few minutes of climbing around, Katie Anne went back to her first love... the swings.

However, she soon wanted down, and she went back to the play area again. She climbed straight up all three tiers to the slide, scooted up to the edge (that's one of her new words... scoot), and pushed off down the slide! I didn't even have a hand on her! So, I was able to get a little progressive series of photos of the first slide attempt...

Getting Ready!
Here she goes!
Uh-oh... busted.

After that, it was slide, baby, slide! She loved sliding, and she realized that - if she let her arm drag behind her - she could avoid falling at the bottom. Here's a video of her sliding.

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