Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby 1, Plate... 0

Katie Anne has recently mastered feeding herself with a spoon and a fork, but she's still just eating her food off her highchair tray. The few times we've let her have a little plate or bowl, she inevitably throws the bowl/plate into the floor. I've been too afraid of breaking my dishes to let her try with any real plates, and we don't do paper ones (trying to be a little green here). So, we didn't have any she could really use for practice. Gigi bought Katie Anne some new little plates to try that aren't breakable, so we gave one of them a shot on Thursday night.

She started strong. I think Katie Anne felt like she was a big adult. She was very happy to be eating off a plate!

She raised her fork and spoon skyward! "All eyes on me! I have a plate!" Our hopes were high at this point!

As she tried to get the fork and spoon to work on the plate, she got a little confused. Mexican deliciousness began sliding about:

Uh-oh... next thing we knew, it was soft taco surprise for Abby and Ginger!

Score that a victory for KA ... or should we say a victory for the dogs! We'll keep trying!

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Anonymous said...

why do they love to throw food on the floor so much!!! Benji does it least you have some doggies to help you clean up the mess...