Sunday, July 13, 2008

Uncle Greg & Aunt Jillian Babysit!

On Friday night, Katie Anne stayed with Uncle Greg, Aunt Jillian (or Aunt "Joo" as Katie Anne calls her), and Jack-Jack while Saunders and I went shopping and out to dinner. She had a blast! She packed her little backpack (a great gift from Sandra Croft- her new favorite word is "back-back") full of her favorite toys. Katie Anne ate a big dinner with them- PB&J, green beans, and pears. They played around, read books, and had a big time, while Saunders and I got to enjoy yummy sushi without sharing it with the little person!


Carrie Beth said...

She looks so grown up with that back-pack on!

Vanessa said...

OH MY! You were right about the backpack - she looks like such a big girl!