Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to Work in the New Classroom

I headed back to work on Monday, and my new classroom needed a lot of work. It was full of stuff! I'm taking the place of a teacher who retired, and she was very sweet to leave a lot of materials for me to use. There was a lot of useful stuff... I have enough math manipulatives for about 100 first graders! Anybody want teddy bear counters? :)

There were also a lot of things that needed to be reorganized, recycled, or just plain tossed. The ceiling in the school was replaced this summer, so everything was covered in dust or black chunks of old ceiling tiles. We've cleaned, cleaned, cleaned!

After Monday and Tuesday's workdays, I was starting to get nervous... Daddy and I put in two big days of working, and it seemed like little had changed. In fact, after we brought all the boxes of my stuff from our garage to school yesterday, it seemed like it got worse!

Today, one of my former students - Adam - came and helped out, and we got a TON done. Between Daddy working a 1/2 day and Adam and I putting in a full 8 hours, it looks much better. Almost all the boxes are unpacked, all the furniture is arranged, bulletin board fabric is up, desks are in pods. Tomorrow, I'll just unpack the rest of the boxes (my desk stuff and my children's books) and haul off all the broken-down boxes.

These are some pictures I made today... room in progress. Hopefully, finished pictures are soon to come!


SGiles said...

Your classroom looks great!!! It is so colorful!!!!

Sarah said...

Looks like it's really coming along! I think you will enjoy the younger kids. Have fun finishing up!

The Dillards said...

Even when you blog in delay mode, I enjoy it remendously! Your classroom looks great. I only have a half of a room and it doesnt look that well put together yet. Congrats on a job well done!

Jillian said...

wow sista! you need to go on one of those house cleaning/organizing shows!! looks great!...PS- I'll could use the counting teddy bears lol

Carrie Beth said...

You are going to LOVE 1st grade. I thought it was such a fun age to teach and your room looks great!