Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baking Cupcakes

Tonight, Katie Anne and I baked cupcakes for her class Christmas party tomorrow.  She loved decorating the cupcakes in a "Winter Wonderland" way - she called them snowballs!

A sprinkling of sprinkles ...

A smattering of snowflakes ...

A perfect batch of snowball cupcakes to share with her friends!

And, if you like to bake with toddlers, let me suggest this new product that I found at WalMart:

Pillsbury Easy Frost - so easy!  It was simple to make the swirly icing tops for each cupcake, and it was much less mess to clean up than traditional icing.  It still tastes just as delicious, too!  My only suggestion would be to buy more than you think you need.  The container said it iced 18-24 cupcakes, but it only iced 15 of ours, and I don't think I laid the icing on too thick.

1 comment:

Anjie said...

The cupcakes look fantastic! Great idea using the easy frost. :)