Friday, December 25, 2009

The Johnston Family Christmas

After we opened our presents on Christmas morning, we loaded up the car with presents for my extended family and headed toward my cousin Angela's house for the Johnston Family Annual Christmas Breakfast.  This year, there was definitely an important element of the party missing - my grandfather, Papaw, had been hospitalized on Dec. 23 for an intestinal blockage.  So, Papaw and Granny Nelle had to miss Christmas breakfast, and we really missed them a lot!

As usual, there was tons and tons of food ... all kinds of breakfast casseroles, quiches, biscuits and breads, fruit, and sweet goodies.  Everyone had a great time talking, catching up, and hearing what Santa had brought everyone earlier that morning.  One of the highlights of the party is always the adult gift exchange - we draw names, and the person you draw is a complete secret up until the moment you give your gift.  It is always a lot of fun to see who drew whom and to see what they picked out!  I got a great gift in the exchange from my Uncle Johnny B. -  a new black coffee pot!  Saunders also loved his gift from my Uncle David -  a box of really nice golf balls.  Then, the kids got to open their gifts from extended family.  Katie Anne absolutely adored her Baby Dora from Mamaw and Randy as well as her books and Sesame Street movie from Angela, Andy, and the kids.

It was a great Christmas breakfast!  Here are some pictures of all the fun.
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Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

All your Christmas celebrations look fun. I'm in love with KA's outfit!