Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Pink Pig!

On Saturday morning, Katie Anne took her first ride on The Pink Pig!  Riding the Macy's (formerly Rich's) Pink Pig is an Atlanta holiday tradition... for more information on the history of The Pink Pig, click here or here.  My mom organized the girls' day out with both of Katie Anne's grandmothers and her great-grandmother Grandmama, and we had a great time!  Katie Anne absolutely loved the whole pink, girly experience.
 Since this was Katie Anne's first time riding - and none of us had been to The Pink Pig since it had been relocated into the big tent outside Lenox Square - we weren't exactly sure of the best time to go.  We chose very wisely and arrived right at 10:00 am when it opened.  We waited about 15 minutes for tickets inside, and another half hour or so in the tent.  We were lucky ... when we got off the ride, the line was two hours long!

Walking the "pink carpet" outside the tent

Katie Anne was so excited by all the pigs and pinkness!

Waiting in line for our chance to ride

VJ bought Katie Anne a stuffed Priscilla Pig, which she loved!

Finally, it was time to board the train - and look!  There's Priscilla herself!

Priscilla had a special seat in the last car of the train, and I noticed that no one ever sat in the seat in front of her.  So, when the worker was stamping our tickets, I asked if we could sit with Priscilla.  She said, "Sure!"  I asked why no one else had ridden with her, and she said they only let people sit back there if they ask - so if you're going to ride, ask to sit with her!

Katie Anne was beyond excited to be riding in Priscilla's special car.  She kept turning around and just staring at her, whispering, "Hey, Priscilla..." over and over.  She and Priscilla even held hands during part of the ride!

Gigi, VJ, and Grandmama on the train

We're ready to ride!

Katie Anne and I rode a second time ... we moved up a seat so other kids could ride with Priscilla, but then she got up to walk around the tent.  So, we took one more ride in a regular train car, and then we were all done!

VJ with Priscilla

Put on your Pink Pig sticker and wear it with pride!
"I rode The Pink Pig - 2009!"


Carrie Beth said...

I knew she'd love it!!! Handley has been playing with her tickets all week and pretending that she is going to the mall with her babies and riding the pink pig again. You got some great pics too!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

I am glad she loved it!! We are going there tomorrow:)

Tara said...

So adorable!!! We're hoping to go soon. Hope Ramsey won't be turned off by all the pink???

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

She looks so grown up in that first solo picture! Glad she enjoyed her big day.

Vanessa said...

cute looks like fun! And I love her pretty dress! She's such a doll!