Friday, December 4, 2009

Frisbee, The Elf on the Shelf

Friday night after bath time, Katie Anne found a special surprise waiting on her bed for her.

Even though she didn't know exactly what it was all about, she was so excited about The Elf on the Shelf!  At first, she said, "Look - it's Santa's baby doll!"

We read the book together before bedtime, and that helped explain the story for her.  She chose the name Frisbee for her elf, and now she knows that Frisbee flies to the North Pole every night.  He reports to Santa on whether we've been naughty or nice that day, and he gives Santa a list of our special wishes.  Then, he flies back into the house and hides in another location, waiting for us to wake up!  Each morning, Katie Anne has to find Frisbee in his new hiding spot.  We can't touch or hold Frisbee or he'll lose his magical powers.  This game will continue until Christmas Eve, when Frisbee will fly back to live at the North Pole until next December!

Katie Anne is very attuned to Frisbee's watchful eyes, and she's trying very hard to behave herself so Frisbee will give Santa a good report on her behavior.  We love Frisbee's positive influence on our household's behavior!


Jillian said...

Oh goodness...I was wondering if the elf would end up in the Jones' household...that thing is terrifying. lol

The Brown Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! (I am back! My computer had a virus but now all is well and we are back in blogging business) We too started our Elf on the Shelf on the 1st! His name is Leon (clever huh, that's Noel backward - our dogs name) but Addison prefers to call him "Lenon"! She loves him and how clever is he to hide so well everday?