Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Visit from the Holiday Yard Elf

Remember in this post when I said that I hated it that it didn't seem like Christmas from the front of our house?  Well, a holiday yard elf - known as Saunders's mom, Vicki - has remedied that problem!  When we got home last Thursday, we had two sparkly reindeer and a glittery snowman standing beside the front porch steps to greet us, and more boxes on the porch of fun outdoor decorations.


This weekend, Saunders unpacked one of the boxes - an inflatable decoration for the yard.   Now, Saunders doesn't like inflatables at all, but Katie Anne loves them, so VJ picked Katie Anne's side (and Mommy's, too) and got a big Noah's Ark for the front yard!  Even Saunders had to admit that the Noah's Ark is really cute (Katie Anne's reason to love them), and the installation couldn't be simpler (which is why Mommy likes them)!

Katie Anne was asleep when Saunders put the Noah's Ark out, and she was totally shocked and thrilled when she went outside later that evening and checked it out!

"Whoa - what's that!??!"

Running around to see it from all sides

She loves the doors - they open and close every few seconds.  When they open, the lion and the bear pop out.

Hugging the monkeys - she loves her inflatable!  Thanks,VJ!

And, if you're wondering what happened to the little tiny snowmen we had on the porch, we just moved them inside.  They're adding a lot of holiday flair indoors, sitting beside the presents under the tree!

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Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

KA's little face looking at the Ark is too cute! How sweet:) Such Christmas joy!