Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ella!

For lunch on Saturday, Katie Anne and I headed down to Jason and Erin's house for Ella's second birthday party!  We were very excited that we got to go and take Ella the special presents that Katie Anne had picked out herself ... and of course the special card, too!  On the way down  - it's about an hour drive for us - Katie Anne amused us both by using a wipe to make different faces.  Here's her using it to make a Santa Claus beard!

Of course, I would've loved to take more pictures of the hilarity coming out of the backseat, but I was driving, so I didn't.  ;)

Ella is one loved little girl - her house was packed with friends and family!  There were about 40 total adults and kids there, and Erin had so many great things for the kids to do ... sippy cup decorating, coloring, mitten frame making, a Christmas tree ring toss, Christmas books to read and even one for each kid to take home!  Katie Anne had a blast trying out each of the stations and playing with Ella's big gift - a new play kitchen just like hers at home!

The house was all decked out for the party, and there was lots and lots of food to eat!  Ella looked precious in all the handmade things Erin had created- a "2" hairbow, bib, and birthday hat.  The birthday girl had a blast, too.  Ella had a terrific time running around, seeing all her friends, trying out all the activities, and hanging out with all her family.  It was a great party!  Happy second birthday, Ella!

Playing ring toss with the birthday girl

A sweet friends hug

Decorating her sippy cup

Making her mitten frame

Enjoying lunch with Handley at the kids' table

Here come the candles!

Whoosh!  She blew them both out herself!

Katie Anne ate her whole red velvet cupcake

Helping Ella and Erin open our present

Ella loved her new baby doll and pack-n-play!

Playing with the babies

After Ella and KA put the dolls to bed, they couldn't resist putting themselves to bed, too!

Silly Jason in Ella's new tunnel

One more hug, and then it was time for Katie Anne and I to head for home.  We had such a great time celebrating with Ella and the Jollys!

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Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Your blog is perfect!! I love the way you told the story:) It is
very sweet!! You guys are such great friends!! We love you!!