Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


We started the decorating process here at Casa la Jones about two weeks ago.  We got out the big tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and Katie Anne got to put up her little tree in her room. 

 Squatting low, then standing tall beside her little sparkly tree


I had a complete Christmas fail on that first decorating day.  I'd ordered a personalized metal sign for our house, but it didn't fit in the spot where I'd originally intended to hang it.  I got the bright idea that it might work above the mantle.  Obviously, that idea was quickly abandoned.  Too small and too high, although Saunders and I did get a big laugh out of how ridiculous and sad it looked for a few minutes.  I still haven't found a good place to hang the sign.

However, I've just been so tired lately that it's taken me the next two weeks to get all the other decorations down, put the ornaments on, decorate the mantel, etc.  Saunders convinced me not to put up all my trees this year, so we've just got two up for this year.  I do miss my fancy dining room trees and funny cookie cutter kitchen tree, but it still looks quite festive here.  I've got one more Christmas project that I'm working on - a new front door wreath that I hope to finish this weekend. 

Our finished living room tree - it is a hodge podge tree of all our collected ornaments.  Katie Anne loves hearing when and where we got the ornaments.

Our mantle

My precious holly jolly snowmen

Stockings are hung by the chimney with care

One thing I dislike about the arrangement of our living room is that you cannot see the tree sparkling through the windows from the front of our house.  That's why I like having one or two dining room trees - it makes it look like Christmas from the outside of the house, too.  I was sad about us looking like a houseful of Grinches to all our neighbors, so I found two small snowmen at Target for the front porch.  They're a little small - and I need an extension cord - but they're better than nothing!

After I took Katie Anne's picture with the snowmen, she wanted to take mine with them.
Going once ...

Going twice ...

Sold!  Third time's a charm!

Then, she wanted to pose again - I said, "Of course!"

I'm so glad it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!  Now, just to get my cards finished and my gifts wrapped ...


cindy glawson said...

Cute pictures! I love the snowmen on the mantle! It will be a sad day when you have to retire them.

Anjie said...

Beautiful decorations! We put all of ours up last night as well. I love that Katie Anne took your picture too. :) Sorry the sign didn't work out yet. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it soon.

Carrie Beth said...

Everything looks great!