Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Like Fat Pigs in the Sunshine

I know two people who are enjoying their Christmas presents!

Yesterday, Abby and Ginger were both trying to squeeze into the little patch of sunshine that was falling on the rug in the living room, so Katie Anne and I got the bright idea of dragging their new beds into the sun.  They immediately both fell asleep...

...until I started taking pictures.  Then, I got the quit it look from Ginger, so this was the last shot of our two happy pups!


The Brown Family said...

How Sweet! Our highly intelligent Border Collie "Noel" prefers to sleep next to her dog bed? What? Ummm NO! I say you can sleep "next" to anything so up to the attic the giant 2'x3' brown fluffy bed goes. But your pups are making good use of their beds.

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture.. that i the look reggie gives me when I ask him to move.