Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Letter from Santa!

Today, Katie Anne got a special package in the mail.  It was a thick, red envelope with fancy cursive writing on front... who could have sent it?  It was a big mystery, and she couldn't wait to tear into it as soon as she saw it.

When she opened the envelope, out came a little baggie full of mystery food and a Merry Christmas letter!  Katie Anne was very intrigued by it all.
Mommy read the letter to Katie Anne, and everyone was thrilled to discover that the letter had come straight from the North Pole!

The letter was from Santa himself!  In it, Santa told Katie Anne that she had to be his special helper.  The baggie was full of reindeer food because the reindeer get so tired on Christmas Eve from all that flying.  Katie Anne's mission is to sprinkle the magic reindeer food on the front yard before bedtime on Christmas Eve for Rudolph and his reindeer friends.

She was so excited about the special assignment from Santa!

Now, she's put the reindeer food and letter safely on a shelf in the living room out of Abby's reach, waiting on Christmas Eve to arrive so she can complete her job.  And, she just had to taste the reindeer food - which appeared safe for human consumption - and she says it's pretty good.

**Just a side note ... it was completely unplanned that she was wearing her very own reindeer antlers when she read the letter.  We had no idea what the envelope contained, and she just wanted to wear the antlers that she'd made at school while we opened it.  But, it turned out to be a perfect coincidence, huh?


Anjie said...

Okay, I have to know. Where did the envelope come from and where can I get one? Or do I have to break down and actually make it myself? lol

P.S. I am LOVING that Panda shirt! ;)

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

We send out Santa letters but they don't come with reindeer food. We'll be adding that next year!

Jillian said...

SO cute!! Love the's probably why Santa picked her; he knew her love of the reindeer =)

Katie Jones said...

Anjie - some kind elf mailed that letter to Katie Anne, straight from the North Pole! We didn't have anything to do with it - the elf thought it all up on her own. Maybe you could find an elf to mail Miranda one.

PS- The panda pjs came from Kohl's ... they're KA's favorites!

cindy glawson said...
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cindy glawson said...

A little credit to a favorite aunt! Way to go Elf!!

Pat said...

Mmmmm...very interesting! I know of a little girl that used to get letters and reindeer food every Christmas from a very special elf! It's very nice to see that the tradition is being carried on!