Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Breakfast!

On Sunday, we had a fun Father's Day that celebrated Daddy!  Katie Anne and I asked Daddy what he wanted to do for Father's Day, and we planned a big, busy day around his ideas.  We started off with a surprise for him - we made him a delicious breakfast at home!  Our original idea was breakfast in bed, but he woke up early, so we sent him into the living room to watch whatever he wanted on tv and drink his coffee while we made his breakfast.  

Katie Anne picked out all the breakfast foods that she thought Daddy would like: pancakes, bacon, and cheese eggs.  I am a completely terrible breakfast cook, so we cheated with pre-made pancakes and microwave bacon.  However, the eggs - all us!  We had a great time cooking, and Daddy enjoyed relaxing - and Katie Anne was a BIG help.  She worked very, very hard to make breakfast delicious for her dad.

Putting the pancakes on the pan:
Frozen pancakes are a lot harder than they look - literally - so Mommy had to add some muscle power to this job:
Katie Anne did all the egg scrambling by herself!
She was a little timid about busting open the yolks, so Mommy did that job:
 Then, Katie Anne went right back to scrambling them.  I think she had no idea that this is how eggs really look before they're cooked... she kept asking, "These are very sticky.  We can make these yummy, right, Mommy?  Right?"
Adding the cheese:
While I cooked the eggs, Katie Anne got the rest of the breakfast ready.  She sat the table:
Then, I told her to go ask Daddy what he wanted to drink.  She said, "Well, I know he loves beer..."  Daddy heard that from the living room and busted out laughing!  I told her that he does love beer, but she might want to ask him to be sure that's what he wanted.  When she asked Daddy what he wanted to drink, he told her, "Beer was a good idea, but it's a little early for that."  So, he went with a Diet Coke instead, and she was happy to oblige:
All done!  
 Katie Anne ran to bring Daddy to the table and tell him what she'd made:
She was very excited and proud of herself!
Daddy loved his breakfast - he cleaned his plate!  The chefs loved it, too!


cindy glawson said...

That looks great. It seems that you both are great breakfast cooks! You forgot to add that you had already walked about a mile and a half that morning!

Kelly said...

You guys are hilarious. Bella says "Want your beer, Daddy?" anytime he says something about being thirsty.