Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Dedicated Mommy

While Katie Anne is away at ballet camp during the mornings this week, she worries about how her stuffed animals (or her "kids" as she calls them) will do at home with out her.  Never fear - she is a highly dedicated mother.  She takes time every morning to set them up with things to do before she goes so they'll be entertained while she's away.  This morning, there was a lot of separation anxiety between her and the stuffed animals ... the stuffed animals were crying, and she was assuring them that she'd be right back and that they had lots to do while she was gone:

Peach, of course, is too favored to be left at home to play - he rides with us to ballet camp and must be waiting in the car seat when Katie Anne comes out.  It is my job to take care of Peach while she's away, and she always tells me a laundry list of instructions on what to do with him while she's gone to class.  Just in case I can't figure it out, she brings Peach a snack every day to eat while she's at ballet.  Today, she gave him half a wooden tomato from her play kitchen to munch on:

Tomorrow, at her ballet performance, she's already told me that I have to bring Peach to the show so he can watch his "mommy" dance.  Apparently, he's really looking forward to it.  I may be the only adult bringing in a stuffed animal, but I'll make sure Peach is there - I'm the babysitter, after all!


Carrie Beth said...

That is the sweetest thing. She's so cute!

Tara said...

Hialrious. Thanksfully Ramsey hasn't asked that his racecars be entertained while he is away. If so they are coming to you for sure :)