Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zoo Trip with Lily and Bear!

On Tuesday, Katie Anne was very excited about us going to the zoo with her friends Lily and Bear and their mommy, Vanessa!  We headed out early to avoid as much of the heat as possible - we arrived right when the zoo opened, which was perfect.  We started out with the kids' zoo, and all the kids loved the playground, kangaroos, and petting zoo.  Then, we saw the sleepy pandas - Katie Anne sang them a little lullaby!  After we skipped the reptile house, we headed over to the main animal exhibits.  Another great thing about getting there before the heat and crowds got too bad was that the animals were also out and about - we had some great views of the gorillas, giraffes, and the male lion.  We got to see him up walking around and even heard his very loud roar several times!  That was Katie Anne's favorite part by far.  Lily's favorite animal was the elephant, and no elephants were in sight by the time we got to them - that was our last stop of the day.  Luckily, we hung around for a few minutes, and she got to see one elephant up close in the elephant house - then we saw the little elephant running around outside in the pen!  So, Lily was very happy about that!  The kids loved all the animals and had a great time together.

It started to get pretty hot and sticky around 11:30, and the kids were getting tired, so we headed out of the zoo into the big grassy area for our picnic!  We all had a great time resting and eating our lunch, and the kids were all revived - they were up running around by the time lunch was over!  Vanessa had volunteered to drive, which was great because I got to recuperate a little bit on the way home.  Then, it was into bed for some much needed afternoon naps - a long one for Katie Anne and a short one for me when we got home!  We definitely want to do a zoo trip with the McWhorters again soon!

Here are some pictures of the zoo fun...
All the kids in front of the flamingos:
Playing on the playground in the kids' zoo:
The diva in her sunglasses:
Checking out a big alligator - it was really close to the fence and making a creepy big bullfrog-ish sound!
Petting zoo time!
Up close view of a kangaroo:
Jump Jump!
A hot little face sticking through the lion picture card:
Elephant statue love:
Sweaty and cute:

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