Saturday, June 26, 2010

Century Bank's Ten Year Celebration!

It isn't just my birthday this weekend ... its also Century Bank's!  This weekend, the bank celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a Saturday morning celebration for customers.  They had a bouncy house for the kids and a big tent with lunch for everyone like popcorn, snowcones, and hotdogs.  But, the biggest hit for all the customers was the giant shredding truck!  The bank paid Cintas to bring out their big mobile shredding unit, and all bank customers were invited to bring old papers that needed to be shredded to the bank to shred them in bulk.  This sounds like it wouldn't be a big deal, but it was a big draw for customers!  Car after car kept pulling into the parking lot with bags, boxes, and trashcans full of old financial papers to shred... and the big Cintas shredding truck just chewed through it all!  There was a little tv on the side of the truck so you could watch your papers being shredded, and it was actually really neat.  The weather was great, the turnout was good, and lots and lots of paper got shredded - so it was a success all around!  

Daddy and Katie Anne went to the celebration first, and I joined them for a few minutes after Abby's vet visit.  Katie Anne had a blast and ate like a field hand - she ate her first grape snowcone, a big bag of popcorn, and polished off a hotdog, too.  Of course, like everyone there, Katie Anne thought the shredding truck was pretty cool - but it didn't hold a candle to the bouncy house!  She was a little bit afraid of the bouncy house at first, and who could blame her?  You literally had to climb into a giant tiger's mouth, complete with two sharp teeth, to get inside.  However, Daddy convinced her that the tiger was not real, so she was ready to play after that.  She played in the bouncy house for over an hour and was soaking wet with sweat by the time she was through!

Katie Anne and Daddy had a great time at their father-daughter morning out!

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