Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

After our delicious breakfast, we got all cleaned up and headed out for our Father's Day of fun!  Before we left, we snapped a family Father's Day photo:

 First, we went shopping - Saunders wanted to pick out some treats for himself at the PGA Superstore.  He got new spikes for his cleats, a golf head cover, and a new golf glove.  Then, he got a new striped dress shirt and two new ties!  We also tried out some double strollers while we were shopping.  
Here are Katie Anne and Daddy in front of the PGA Store:

While we were at the mall, Daddy got a double doozie cookie and shared it with everyone:

The train went rolling by, and Daddy and Katie Anne thought it would be fun to ride it - so they did!

After a quick lunch, it was off to the big event of the day - our first family movie!  KA and I have been to the movies a lot, but Daddy has never been with us.  So, we decided to make our first family movie adventure a Father's Day trip to see Toy Story 3!  Katie Anne had a special Jessie the Cowgirl shirt for the occasion from my friend Tara at Collections by Tara Nicole.  Here she is, modeling the look:
Katie Anne and Daddy were looking forward to the movie!
 Katie Anne liked the movie, but I think Daddy and I enjoyed it more.  Some parts were really scary to her, but she still did great and watched the whole thing very quietly.  Daddy was very impressed with her behavior at the movies since he'd never been with her before - she's a movie watching pro.  Here she is, cuddled up under her blanket with Snuffle Bunny.  She has shown her toys lots and lots of love since watching Toy Story 3!

After the movie, we headed to Papaw and Granny Nelle's house to visit with Papaw for Father's Day.  We met up with my parents there, and we decided to head over to Rafferty's for dinner.  Poor Katie Anne was so exhausted from all the Father's Day fun that she fell asleep on the short ride to the restaurant!  All that excitement wears a girl out:

When we got to Rafferty's, we gave Daddy his card that Katie Anne had made him and the present she'd picked for him.  He wanted to shop for his own golf stuff himself, but she still wanted to get him something small.  She thought of this gift idea all on her own!  Daddy had run out of his usual cologne, so he was using some that had been in the back of the cabinet.  Katie Anne doesn't like the smell at all, so she wanted to get him something new.  I took her to the inexpensive cologne section while we were shopping last week, and she literally spent 20 minutes smelling all the different men's colognes and picking the perfect one - something called Bring It!  She smelled so many colognes that she said, "Whew - all these smells are making me a little sick!"  When we got home, she even hid the present herself, and it has been sooo difficult for her to keep the secret from Daddy - but she did!  She was very excited about giving him the cologne!
 Showing Daddy the boat she'd drawn on his card:
Daddy with his card:
This picture is blurry, but I just love how excited she is about the present!
Smelling his new cologne!
When he wore it to work today, Katie Anne sniffed him and said, "Daddy - you smell like Bring It!"

Katie Anne was worn out after our exciting Father's Day of fun.  She rested in the booth and hit the sack as soon as we walked in the door at home.

It was a fun, fabulous Father's Day!


Carrie Beth said...

I love that the name of that cologne is "Bring it." HA!

Tara said...

So cute! I love that picture and she will definelty be a model on my blog. We took Ramsey to the move yesterday and he loved it too. The colonge story is too funny and and too cute. Bring it!

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