Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy Weekend!

This weekend, we had a jam-packed few days that were full of fun!  I didn't take my camera to every event - I've really been slacking in the picture taking department lately- but I did take it to our first big outing, the Georgia BBQ Classic!  Century Bank enters into the BBQ contest each year, and they invited employee's families out for dinner on Friday night.  We went out to Sam Smith Memorial Park (Sam was Century's bank president before he passed away several years ago) where the Classic is held, enjoyed eating yummy bbq with the bank employees, and listening to some great music courtesy of the band Babe's Bayou!
Using Daddy's lap as a table:
Raising the roof in a little yummy BBQ dance:
Katie Anne was excellent at the Classic - Daddy was very proud of how wonderfully she behaved and how polite she was to all his fellow bankers ... and especially his bosses!  A new Polly Pocket set kept her very busy all evening:
My dad came out to eat BBQ with us - and gave KA and I a lift home when we got too hot and tired - and Katie Anne made this picture of the three of us.  I think she did a great job!

On Saturday, Saunders worked at the Century Bank tent helping pass out samples of brisket, ribs, and pulled bbq to all the people who stopped by the tent.  Doc, VJ, Carlton, and Trisha came out to see him and taste the bbq, and they all thought it was delicious, too!  Katie Anne and I were busy, too.  We had two parties to go to that morning - a Thirty One party and a baby shower for my friend Kristen.  After the shower, we went to my grandmother's house for lunch - my parents, Greg, Jillian, and some other family members were having a work day at my grandmother's house as part of her birthday present, and they'd grilled out some hamburgers and hotdogs.  Katie Anne and I couldn't really help with the work - the seven-months pregnant and the three-year-old don't bring much to the party in the way of manual labor.  However, we were happy to visit with them and eat some lunch - and the house looked great after everyone had cut down and pruned trees and pressure washed Mamaw's house!

After naptime - both Katie Anne and Daddy needed a nap after their busy days! - we headed over to Doc and VJ's for swimming and dinner.  I wish I'd snapped some pictures because we had a lot of fun!  Carlton and Trisha were in town, and our friends Heather, Stephen, and Addison Brown came over to swim and eat, too.  VJ had a big dinner spread - hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies, and a giant punchbowl cake.  Katie Anne swims like an absolute fish and has no fear in the water - she'll swim all around the deep end by herself!  We're barely blowing her arm floaties up at all now, and I'm curious to see how she'll do without them at swim lessons in a few weeks.  She loved hanging out with Addison, who's just a few months younger than her, and playing mermaids with her.

We had lots to do - and lots of fun!

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Trisha Jones said...

We had SUCH a great time with y'all on Saturday night! It was good to see you again, it's been way too long. Hopefully next time we can get together, y'all won't have such a busy weekend... you told me y'all had a full weekend, and you even described your Saturday afternoon to me over the phone, but it never registered with me just how busy you actually were! I'm glad we got to see ya.