Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Century Bank's Summer Concert Series

On Saturday night, we headed downtown for the second installment in Century Bank's Summer Concert Series! 

Katie Anne and I didn't make it to the first concert because we were celebrating Mother's Day with Mamaw, so this one might be our only concert of the summer ... the July concert happens to be the same night that we come home from our beach vacation, and the final concert - occurring on August 14 - might come at a time when we have a newborn in the family or one very pregnant mommy!  So, we were really excited about seeing the band Caribbean Soul and making the most of our summer concert!

Katie Anne enjoys some of the popcorn from the Century Bank tent:
The bank had three tables reserved for their employees and guests, and they'd done a great job of decorating them to match the theme of the night.  Even Peach the Mouse got into the Caribbean spirit!
Gigi and Granddad:
Josh and Tamara:
Katie Anne tried dancing by herself for a little while...
but everyone knows that's not fun, so she asked her Daddy to dance with her...
and they danced, danced, danced!
Their moves were so good, they just had to take them out to the dance floor in front of the tent:
Even the Chic-fil-A cow came to dance with them:
They did a great job opening up the dance floor ... after they danced for a few songs, lots of other kids and adults came out and danced the night away, too!  Katie Anne said, "This is a great party!"  It was definitely hot and sweaty, but we had a fabulous time at the Summer Concert!

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cindy glawson said...

Smooth dance moves! KA loved dancing with SJ3!