Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Granddad!

Last weekend, we celebrated Father's Day with my dad.  We celebrated a weekend early because Greg and Jillian would be in North Carolina for the actual Father's Day weekend celebrating with Jillian's dad.  So, we spent Sunday doing fun stuff my dad likes to do - golfing, hanging out, and eating yummy food!

  First, Saunders, Greg, and Granddad headed to the Country Club for a hot and sweaty afternoon playing 18 holes of golf.  They had a great time, and it really got them pumped about all the golf they'll be playing on vacation in a few weeks!  Then, we all got together at my parents' house - I brought spinach dip as an appetizer, Jillian brought meatballs, and my mom had tasty things - and KA faves - like shrimp cocktail, cheese, and crackers.  For dinner, my mom had made lots of great stuff, including brats, BBQ (my favorite), grilled corn, and macaroni and cheese.   For dessert, I made one of Saunders's favorites - punchbowl cake - and my mom made apple crisp with ice cream.  Everything was so good, and we all ate way too much!

After dinner, we thought about playing some cornhole, but it was scorching outside - and the boys had all been outside for hours.  So, Katie Anne - who was a total ball of energy after eating several chocolate and marshmellow treats my mom had made - thought of plenty of entertaining diversions for everyone.  She put pretend makeup and jewelry on everyone and hosted a dance party, and then she organized many games of hide 'n go seek.  We had a great time hanging out and laughing at her chocolate-induced hysteria!  

Here are some pictures from the Father's Day celebration!
Me and my dad:
Our family, after Katie Anne had dressed us up (I kept on the gold necklace for the whole party because I actually thought it looked nice with my outfit):
My mom getting the corn ready:
Jillian with one necklace she chose herself and one that KA chose for her - can you guess which is which?  :)
Katie Anne and Uncle Greg chowing down on appetizers:
My dad loved his present from us - we got tickets for the Brooks and Dunn "Last Rodeo" tour when it's in Atlanta in July, and he was so excited about it!

**Funny story about my dad's present ... when he was opening it, he mentioned that the bag had a remote on it.  So, Saunders and Greg joked that there was a tv inside.  After he opened the present and saw the tickets, Katie Anne said, "But, where's the tv?!?!"  Poor kid - she was confused.

My parents always get Saunders a Father's Day present, too - they have always given him Crocs, so they joked that they kind of have a little Crocs tradition going now.  He had told them he wanted a new pair of black Crocs this year, and he was really hoping the tradition would continue because he'd started leaving his old black Crocs outside on the porch in anticipation of getting these new ones!
How cute are these two?
Of course, Baby SJ4 was there in his own way ... you can't miss the evidence of his upcoming arrival!  What a giant belly!
Katie Anne had a great time putting makeup on everyone (they're just clean makeup brushes), getting everyone some accessories, and hosting a major dance party in my parents' living room!


Kelly said...

I love KA whirling and racing around during the dance party. Also - I think you look even more beautiful pregnant!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Love the dance party pictures!

cindy glawson said...

Dancing with the Stars has nothing on Katie Anne. She proved that she can dance with anyone! Great day and great photos!

Carrie Beth said...

I love the dance party. Looks like you all had a great time!