Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Saunders Update

I had my 7 month OBGYN appointment today.  Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues and "critical days" at work, I wasn't able to go for my 6 month checkup, so this was a busy visit!  I got another ultrasound today, and I got to see Baby SJ4 again... sort of!  He's all crunched up under my ribs, more on the right side than on the left.  He stretched out his leg one time while we were watching, and then - pop - jerked it right back up to his little spot way up high!  I guess that explains why my ribs are so sore on the right side!  

We were debating on whether or not to do the 3D ultrasound with this pregnancy, but today's ultrasound decided that one... the ultrasound tech said that, unless something big changes, you really wouldn't be able to get a good picture of his face.  Today, he had both his knees on his forehead!  I did get to see his face once or twice during the ultrasound, and he already has chubby little cheeks ... and right now he has very little hair!

He's measuring really big - even bigger than Katie Anne did at this point, and she was a big baby herself.  I'm currently 28 weeks along, but he's measuring 31 weeks and 2 days ... especially his head and big shoulders!  He's got a big head and very broad chest and shoulders.  I guess he's getting set to be a big linebacker like his daddy already!  The ultrasound measurements have him weighing a little over 3 lbs, and the average baby weighs right at 2 lbs right now.  So, my doctor told me that I shouldn't expect to make it to August 23 - there's a good chance we'll need to induce with this pregnancy (Katie Anne was induced 9 days early due to her size) if he gets too big.  Fingers crossed that I can at least go back to school for a few days in August and get my class started!

At first, the ultrasound tech was worried that I didn't have enough amniotic fluid, and that's why he's staying up so high.  However, when she started looking around, I actually have tons of amniotic fluid - even more than normal - so he's got plenty of room to move around in there!  Apparently, he just likes hanging around the placenta, which is in that upper right side.  So, my doctor did have to admit that at least some of this weight gain is in that extra fluid and extra big baby!  So, from now on, I'll be blaming it all on "water weight" - haha!  Seriously, I have felt like my belly is much bigger this time than when I was pregnant with Katie Anne, and my OB said it is a combination of him being so high, his size, and all that extra amniotic fluid that's making it bigger this time.

I have dropped the ball on making baby belly pictures lately - that last month of school almost killed me.  However, one of the school counselors emailed out a bunch of pictures that she'd made at our end-of-the-year cookout, and she got a sideways shot of my belly!  So, here's a picture of me watching my kids bust a move during the DJ dance party at the cookout  - this is the belly at 26 weeks.

I'll do my best to take a belly shot picture at home sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's great though that you're growing a healthy baby boy in there no matter how big you get. Not too much longer before he's here! :)

Carrie Beth said...

You just grow big babies! I'm glad everything looks great with your little guy though.

Tara said...

you look great and glad to hear things are going just fine. I still have that tub of clothes sitting in our guest room if you want it.