Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Doc!

On Saturday night, we celebrated Father's Day with Doc.  The celebration started early in the day when Carlton, Saunders, and Doc went to Taylorsville to shoot guns together.  They had a great time trying out some new guns that Doc bought last week!  

Then, later in the evening, everyone headed to Doc and VJ's house for swimming and dinner.  We had a fun time swimming together - Katie Anne loved showing off her ballerina moves in the pool.  She kept warning Uncle Carlton not to pee in the pool and he didn't ... but he did accidentally swim with his Droid phone in his pocket!  Luckily, after a night of drying out in a bowl of rice in a warm oven, the phone is back in working order!

After we swam, we headed inside for dinner.  VJ had meatballs, lots of summer salads, hummus and dips ... and big Agan's rolls and cookies!  We gave Doc his Father's Day present at dinner - we gave him "Urban Slang" flashcards so he can practice his hip vocabulary.  :)  

Here are some pictures from the Father's Day celebration with Doc!
Daddy and KA at the pool:
Mommy and KA:
Aunt Trisha and Uncle Carlton:
What happened to your phone, Carlton?
VJ and Daddy at the dinner table:
Uncle Carlton and Aunt Trisha:
Katie Anne delivers our present and the card she made to Doc:
Explaining what she'd drawn for him:
Doc loved his cards!
Aunt Trisha:
Mommy and KA relaxing after dinner:

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