Thursday, January 29, 2009

100th Day of School, Round 2

Tomorrow is Katie Anne's official 100th day of school. (The daycare's official "first day" was like August 20th or something, so they're a little behind my school.) The kids are having a little party tomorrow at 2:30, and Katie Anne is supplying cookies (sugar and chocolate chip, courtesy of Kroger... love cookies from Kroger), pineapple tidbits, and plates (she picked Arthur plates). Of course there's a family project involved, too!

She's supposed to wear a t-shirt decorated with 100 things. After seeing some of my kids' 100th Day shirts from a few weeks ago, I had a lot of good ideas... buttons, wiggle eyes, BeDazzler style jewels (and no, I do not own a BeDazzler- that's one craft I never tried). But, after brainstorming with my mom over the phone as I strolled the aisles of Hobby Lobby earlier this week, I rejected those ideas. Here are my reasons.

A) Those things could be choking hazards. I don't think KA would necessarily pick them off - she's pretty good about that stuff - but I can't speak for her playmates.
B) Even if I did sew things on really securely, that would really take a long time, and I was starting this project on Monday.
C) 100 novelty buttons are expensive as all get out... like $1.99 for 5. I did not want this one-time-use shirt costing almost $100 itself.
D) She'd have to lay down on whatever the items are to take a nap, and that would poke her.

So, I just decided to take the easy way out and draw 100 things on her shirt with fabric markers. I tried to do hearts, but the fabric markers are not that precise, so they wound up looking like circles or weird, misshapen ovals. So, I added balloon strings and bows and the little balloon "shine" on the side (does anyone know what I mean by that?) and made them balloons! I added her name and "100 Days!" with iron on letters, too. Here's how the project turned out...

Of course, I'll take pictures of her tomorrow in her shirt and at her party... more to come!


Pat said...

WOW!! That looks really great! And kudos for thinking about everything that could poke her when she lays down!

Jillian said...

it looks great!!...and of course I know what balloon "shine" is lol

Katie Jones said...

Okay, I'm glad... I didn't know if anyone would get what I was saying with "balloon shine". :)

The Dillards said...

You are right....Kroger cookies are the best. I bet KA's class enjoyed them!