Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recognize Mii?

Do you recognize this happy electronic family?

That's right... those are our little Mii's - the people that represent us on the Wii!

Katie Anne has been so into the Wii Fit since I got it. She's been wanting to take her turn on it every time she sees one of us using it. So, on Saturday morning, I was working out on it before Saunders got up while she was playing with her kitchen. She kept asking for "my turn, my turn", so I made a little Mii to represent her so she could play.
Then, she tried it out. Of course, she can't really do many of the exercises - they're hard for adults, much less 21-month-olds! She does love seeing her little character on screen, and she likes to pretend she's playing the games. She imitates the moves she's seen us do, which is so funny... she weaves side-to-side and squats down. She did really good on the body test... she had to hold still for about 10 seconds while it measured her weight and balance, and she kept saying, "Fweeze- don't move. Fweeze- don't move."

Yesterday, she was playing some of the balance games. She was having such a good time that I made two videos of her. In this one, she's playing the soccer ball heading game. You can hear a little "ding" every time she hits one. You know what's funny about this? Katie Anne tied Aunt Jillian's low score, and she was only two points behind mine! Maybe Jillian and I should just try standing still instead of actually trying to head the balls!

In this video, she's trying to ski slalom. She doesn't do quite as well in this one, and you can hear the sad music at the end when the Wii pronounces her "unbalanced".

I wanted to post this yesterday, but it took ALL night for these two videos to upload to You Tube! Does it take everyone else's videos so long?

I caught Katie Anne's Mii with her eyes closed!


Jillian said...

I appreciate the comment about my score lmao!

Dr J said...

love it love it love need a job as a commentator!!!

SGiles said...

Love it! Hannah is a huge fan of Wii Music...she loves playing the drums and bells. She tries to get on the WiiFit with me, and one time it told me that my weight had increased significantly from my last weight in...I didn't know she had her foot on it! We should trade Wii numbers so KA and Hannah can be on the screen together!!!