Friday, January 2, 2009

Top Ten Memories & Moments of 2008

I saw Jillian’s post on her favorite things in 2008, so I started thinking of my own highlights from the past year. In no particular order, here are some of our favorite memories and moments from 2008.

  1. Watching Katie Anne grow and change… At the beginning of 2008, Katie Anne was still a baby. Having only really mastered saying “Daddy” and just getting the hang of crawling in January, she was still really a stationary little tiny person. By the end of the year, she’s a runner, a dancer, a talker, a singer – just a totally fun and funny little girl. This has been an amazing year of change and growth for her, and we’ve loved watching it.
  2. Spending time with family… We love to spend time with both of our families. Katie Anne is such a lucky little girl to grow up less than a mile from the homes of both sets of her grandparents. From going out to eat to hanging out at home to watching Katie Anne’s antics, it’s a lot of fun to hang out with the Glawsons and the Joneses!
  3. Being with friends… Saunders and I are very lucky to be surrounded by a great set of friends. We so appreciate the support and camaraderie we find in our friends. We have a great time going out for girls’ nights, having the guys over to play poker, heading to Athens for football games, or just sitting around and talking!
  4. Celebrating Katie Anne’s first birthday… Watching your first baby turn one is such a magical moment. It is so bittersweet- we loved seeing Katie Anne growing into a toddler and couldn’t wait to see what the future would hold for her, but it was sad to think that we’d left our first experiences of the cuddly baby stage behind. We had such a fun time spending her birthday week together (it was my Spring Break, and Saunders took vacation time with us) and then having lots of friends and family over for her party!
  5. Seeing Greg and Jillian get married… Although it has seemed like Jillian’s been a part of our family for the last few years, it was great to have her join the Glawson ranks officially. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was a lot of fun, and everyone – especially our dancing girl KA – had a great time. We’ll have memories from that weekend for years to come!
  6. Visiting the Joneses and Corens in Arizona… It was so sad when we heard in May 2007 that Jodi, Jason, and Marley were moving to Scottsdale, and then we got the gloomy news that, in May 2008, Carlton and Trisha were moving to Phoenix! When we heard the Dawgs were playing in Tempe, Saunders and I just had to make the trip out. We got to spend several fun days seeing the sights in AZ and visiting with family. We had such a great trip- and the Dawgs won!
  7. Our summer vacation… Taking Katie Anne to the beach this year was so much fun. Our family created memories that we’ll never forget. Seeing her running toward the water, not afraid at all – watching her face as she saw the fireworks for the first time – going out together as a family – playing board games and relaxing- just a great time!
  8. Celebrating five years of marriage… Saunders and I have now been married for five years, and we’re so thankful to still be as much in love in December 2008 as we were in December 2003. It has been an amazing five years together! We can’t wait to see where the next fifty years takes us.
  9. Celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday… I had such a great time creating the memories scrapbook for my mom. It was so hard for me to keep a secret from her that long! I loved making it – I looked forward to checking the mail each day for pages that her friends and family created, and I was thrilled when she loved it, too.
  10. Being hired for my new teaching position… I am so happy in my new work environment in first grade at CPS. I love my new bosses, students, curriculum, schedule (hello, 2:00 dismissal!) – just everything about my new job! Katie Anne and Saunders love it, too, because I’m in such a better mood when I come home each day.

How fitting that these wonderful memories make up my 200th post on the blog!!!


cindy glawson said...

Nice blog and sweet photos!

Jillian said...

Very sweet!! love the idea and everything =)