Monday, January 5, 2009

Thank You, Thank You!

Every year (well, every year being last year and this year), I like to take pictures of Katie Anne with her Christmas gifts from other people and send them out as part of her thank you notes. This way, the gift giver can see her wearing/enjoying/playing with the gift. I don't take a picture of her with every single thing she gets, but I like to take at least a picture or two to send to each person who gave her something.

Last year, I made individual cards on for everybody, but I wasn't too pleased with them. The picture on the front was really cute, but the interior pictures (the ones of her with the actual gift) were really small. So, this year, I'm just including the actual printed pictures in a regular thank you note. This way, if someone wants to frame it, they can- unlike the cards last year.

The pictures of her with all her gifts were too cute not to post! So, here's a little slideshow of all her "thank yous".

And, for those of you who gave Katie Anne a gift this Christmas, she says thanks... and the notes will be in the mail tomorrow! It obviously took me a few photo sessions to get the pictures done.


Carrie Beth said...

I loved all these pictures. You can tell she really loves all of her new things!

Dr J said...

thank you too!!!!!!! Love you guys!