Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Kool Aid Trick

Yesterday, I got to leave work at 2:45 (woohoo!). So, Katie Anne and I got lots of play time in the afternoon before we started dinner at 5:15. We were playing with her baby dolls and taking care of them, and she decided to give one of her dolls a drink of "kool aid". The bottle is one of those that looks like its draining as you use it. She's had these type of bottles for months, but she just realized that it did that yesterday. She was mesmerized! Katie Anne kept turning it over and over and over for a long time. I wish I could've gotten the moment she realized what was happening on video- her mouth literally fell open.

She was very into making "shows" aka videos yesterday, so she wanted to make a show of the kool aid trick. She loves to watch herself on film - who can blame her?

(You can stop watching the video after about 0:35... all she does is try to drink the Kool Aid after that.) :)

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